World’s first fully decentralized crowdfunding platform with cryptocurrency built in

Meraki is self-funding cryptocurrency that has no need to rely on volunteerism. The governance of Meraki DAO is fast, efficent and very purposeful due to financial incentives.

A cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin the work of Satoshi Nakamoto and DASH, the work of Evan Duffield and Daneil Diaz, with a better and healty distribution of the block-reward and with charity proposal
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Road Map

Road Map

4th Qtr
  • Merkai Launch
  • Discord, community chat platform
  • Meraki governence building
  • Meraki commnuity building
1st Qtr
1st Qtr
1st Qtr
2nd Qtr
January 2020
February 2020
March 2020
April 2020
May 2020
June 2020
  • Simplified proposal system launch
  • Sentinel integration
  • Bug fixes
  • New website building
  • Meraki commnuity building
  • Meraki first meetup
  • OSX wallet launch
  • Marketing
  • New Meraki website launch
  • New Meraki proposal platform launch
  • Meraki Testnet launch
  • Dash evolution research
  • Meraki Evolution prep. of launch
  • White paper developement
  • Marketing
  • Meraki Android wallet Launch
  • Meraki IOS wallet develop. start
  • Meraki community building Stage 2
  • Marketing
  • >
  • Bux fixes
  • New proposal system development
  • Website improvements
  • Marketing
  • Point of Sale system integration
  • Website development
  • Backend services improvements
  • Marketing
  • Discord campaigns and display campaigns. Reddit and Medium campaigns
  • Meraki Point of Sale integration
  • Proposal system improvements
  • New Meraki wallet release
  • Special Masternode chat Launch
  • Marketing
  • Social media exposure. Meraki identity, branding and narrative messaging + positioning crafting